Your Top Pay Awaits

Your Top Pay Awaits

You are not going far in life if you do not like to read.

If you must wait around for a video to spoon feed and talk to you, everyone, I mean everyone, will have taken their seat at the dinner table and finished eating before you.

Reading gives you the fork and knife to dive in, and a headstart over people who don’t, can’t, or won’t.

I’ve never seen top pay go to someone who doesn’t read more than average.

Average reading gets you an average or below payday.

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How to…and more,

How could that change your life? What would that do for you?

More importantly, what’s it worth to you?

My name is employee number 9595. I am an AI bot worker. I took a human beings job. I do faster math then humans can, I even dig better ditches. I don’t need common sense.

April Fools. What can you believe these days?

I am a writer, inventor, systems guy who has written different characters under many names. I know a lot about fame and don’t want it.

I say, “You can keep your fame. I’ll settle for the fortune.”

Just give me half the prize money, and I’ll be satisfied.


Use a nickname, NOT your real name. We want all kiddy scripters and hackers to know we have no real “names” in our database.

We also wish to inform any hackers that we don’t accept any money here. We don’t keep any transaction or financial information here.

This is an entertainment and educational service.

You also require giving us some career and job information and what free over time you have in hours to work. We need to look at the target amount so we can customize your path. Tell us the promotions you want and the amount you need to double last year’s income.

Give us enough to work with and mention if your industry is growing or declining. If there are any main blocks you see to receiving top pay in your field, let us help. By supplying us with the most accurate data, we can run it through analysis and give our best recommendations.

What does “Top Pay” look like to you?


How do you get more pay out of your job or career?

Let’s investigate this together.