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You’re not going far in life if you don’t read. Or you have to wait around for a video to spoon feed you. Reading gives you a head start. I’ve never seen top pay go to anyone who doesn’t read more than the average person.

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How to get that raise. How to increase your small business. How to double sales. How to win that promotion. How to create a new top pay position in your company. How to buy the company from your boss and then use what I teach you to double the company income.

How to…and more, what would that do for you?

What is that worth to you?

My name is employee number 9595. I am an AI worker bot. I took a human beings job. I do better math and humans do better at digging ditches. Common sense. STOP April Fools. What can you believe these days?

I am a writer inventor innovator who write characters under many names. I know about fame and I don’t want it. I say you can keep the fame I will settle for the fortune. Just give me half the prize and I’ll be satisfied.

So when I write for one DOMAIN or website I play a character and stay in character remaining a ghost name writer. It is keep that I keep them separated because, I am disabled. I can’t have a public life even if I wanted one. I will pass on as a ghost writer of many interesting things. After that do with the ashes as you want to.

Sadly as I get older and closer to the end, I know more interconnected truths about the way to change you world and reach the top pay position. Top pay is important because its a general way to trust people to save their own lives when negative events happen in their circle of friends.

Top Pay saves lives but doesn’t focus on that, it does so much more. It raises your confidence and that will benefit your entire life. It says I went for it and achieved it. Now I work on another level on more valuable things. Now I am in the income bracket of sustainable family future life and raised lifestyle.

You can become highly useful in doing the community good deeds you would like to do if you had more money. With Top Pay you can sometimes once in a while make a real difference with a 5K or 10K starting donation to help a charity get going on their fundraising. They all need about 3 percent higher end givers to go with the hundreds of 10 or 20 dollar gifts.

We know scientifically that good people do more good things with more good money. Money becomes amplified good in the hands of 89% of people. It is astounding to know there are so many generally good people around, especially if you live in the city. In the country you will see far more real human natural cooperative behavior that build our great civilizations.

I don’t ant to get into the fact that money is a symbol not a fixed value. I don’t want to get into the fact that money is created not taken from anyone else.

Get creative. Create a bank account in your mind and make the safe as large as you like. Now only put a fraction of the money you desire in the bottom of the safe. The 8/9 empty space is for a “continuous flow” of “leveraged time and energy” in the form of money. Design the money yourself. Coins, paper or gems if you like. It’s creative imagination time after all.

Take a break.

If you did the exercise you have built a mind machine. No brains cells made that picture of a safe and money in your mind. They can’t. They are Newtonian physics. Imagination is only possible because of quantum physics in my understanding. Only in the dream state is the real universe available to us. Your mind created a space to accept more money. That’s all it does.

If you need proof that mind machines exist think of the times table you sing as a child. You put 2 numbers in and out comes a product of those numbers. eventually you don’t have to think about the answers. They just come out almost from the unconscious.

Like playing music is learned at first and then it disappears into muscles memory and you don’t have to think too much to play.

Mind machines are also built for your by outsiders. I get paid every day by the algorithms that run my tentacles into many income sources. Your mind machine may be to work and don’t get paid over and over again until a week or two later you see the physical rewards.

I like getting paid daily. It’s my mind machine that breaks me from the stereotype of monthly salary etc. The only reason daily pay is possible is that our computer can “effortlessly” now do the math and add dollar figures to my accounts. I can leave it in those accounts or make a transfer. My ATM card works in 1.7 million locations for cash in any country.

What will it cost you to start on the path to Top Pay?

Do you know those lawyers who will take your case but only get paid if you get paid? You pay nothing up front, it’s a contingency fee. It’s about one third of what you would have been zero so its a good deal.

I take nothing up front because if you don’t win that’s up to you. I train and produce winners all the time. When you win you give me one third like a lawyer. I show you how to make something from what seems to be nothing and you get something then share it with your teacher.

Most of all I want to help you make a positive change in the best way I know how. More free time and more money for the same about of work time or less. Then I want to read your story. If you can’t journal your story and tell your story in the future, no price can be paid to get me to waste my time and resources on you. I’m not selling I’m telling, and so will you.


When you imagine that massive bank safe you created in your minds eye, you built a mind machine and we have the science right here. The results are in that 5.6 out of 9 will experience an increase in income within 90 days 19 times out of 20, plus or minus 2%.


A real Nick Name NOT your real name. We like the hackers to know we have no real names in our database. We also want the hackers to know that we don’t accept any money here. We don’t keep any transaction or financial information here. This is a entertainment and educational service.

You also require giving us some career and job information and what free over time you have in hours to work. We need to look at the target amount so we can customize your path. Tell us the promotions you want and the amount you need to double last years income. Give use enough to work on like if your industry is growing or declining. If there is any main blocks you see to top pay in your field let us help by you supplying the most accurate data you can so we can run it through the computers.

What does “Top Pay” look like to you?


How do you get more pay out of your job or career?

Let’s investigate this together.

WE ASK OURSELVES questions so we can learn what our top pay position should be now.


Before we begin my only call to action is; If you’re a Big Dog Click Here and if you are a Little Dog Click Here. Thanks and I appreciate your help with this call to action. Now let’s continue getting you that top pay.

How Beliefs Matter

It’s like you put brackets around your beliefs first. {the limit to what you believe your top pay could be is in these brackets}.

A High-End income belief, OR a Low-End belief, either way down the rabbit hole we go.

On the high end thinking, start by with your last year income and double it. Easy, your {25K becomes 50K} or your {50K becomes 100K} and your {100K becomes 200K}.

Use the word K instead of thousand or grand. K is the term bankers and investors use and you could be earning more than they do soon enough.

Studies show;

  • That 9 out of 10 income earners could NOT believe that their last year income could double in one year.
  • Most people will accept the idea that a 10% increase is possible.
  • Only 3 in 10 were able to believe that a 25% increase might be possible.


This matters a lot because no matter what you believe in, it has no real effect on the nuts and bolts reality of the real world.

Surprised? Did you think I was going to say, just believe in your dreams and what the bleep will happen to your income?

That’s proven nonsense.

The belief is just so you feel internally comfortable with your actions and why you are going for better. It’s not hockus pocus magic. Smarter work is required. Small but important changes must occur for real change in income to happen. The Top Pay doesn’t go for average pay performance.

Remember that movie about a woman “spiritually” possessed with a mans’ voice? After the talking heads in that movie sold all their hit film and made their big bucks, teaching everyone how to bleep income into existence, what happened next?

The USA dropped immediately that next year into the real estate banker Ponzi schemes that was too big to send them all to jail. It is like the millions who bought the movie had not learned to manifest money like the film said they could. That is what happens with magical thinking is used to make money. Some money yes but not a reasonable plan.

The reality is, there will be some kind of shift (a quantum mind shift) and that will create a nearly effortless branch into a parallel world in which you are almost the same person but you are living a version of yourself with more money.

Don’t believe it? Belief is not required here. In hindsight, you will be able to see it all unfolding in the future. When you get there you will understand and no one will be able to tell you differently. This work works.

Everything in a “split world” timeline stays almost the same. Everything except your income. In that ajacent world, you sleep with the correct knowledge and attitude and when you wake up your income grew larger overnight. It can scare the hell out of you.

Login to your bank and there’s more money from hundreds of different sources and ways to arrive. Rebates, rewards, missed government instalements, old loans you gave out that get paid, tax refunds higher than expected, credit rating lowered and offers come available, interest rates drop, and you find cash on the street, you win a small lottery.

In that greater version of you in the world, you experience “exponential growth” which is much better than additional growth.

More money is just a long string of people saying yes.

In that same world most of your spare time is spent enjoying more free time doing whatever you love. Money is no object in deciding what you love to do.


Belief is not part of your requirements for doubling your income. If one version of you believes in waking up to a better version of you, and one ignores the signs of change, it makes no difference. It never works without a good solid real reason. Change is happening with or without you and I. All of us, and all around us changes whether we want it or like it at all.

The changing world is going to give you 5 or 6 things that are better or 5 or 6 things you’ll say are worse. Is there anything you can do to steer the future? Can you avoid the negative feeling experiences and make more of the positive happen?

We belief will do nothing for you at all. Please do yourself a favor and ignore people claimed to give or sell you some guarantee based on spiritual healing. Do yourself a favor and never rely on anything invisible that has never been seen. Belief doesn’t matter.

So what matters, nothing? We took one believer and a none believer and gave them their instructions. Those instructions come from just following around the most successful people and recording what they do to double last years income. 3% failed to double their income.

It turns out that all that made the difference is following the working instructions, believe in it or not.

Follow the instructions and don’t believe it. After your first year there is a 97% chance you will decide all on your own to become one of the believers in {the idea} of what you are worth and it is more than double that you are getting today. Only Your Truth value is in knowing the instructions, since anyone who can follow them can succeed.

Which is better, the belief in the stuck world and stuck income? Or the dream imagination world of imagination, unreal, pretend, make believe healthier wealthier world playground viewpoint?

The truth is you need both which is who the dream world enters the so-called real world or the Newtonian world.  Now some people practice quantum jumping. I personally write about quantum navigation. It’s the idea that provience in meeting the best people for your out come is set by a higher frequences version of you.

Basically, the day becomes part of daydreams with dreams coming in to help make it real and it seems to go the other way as well. Dreams become daydreams and they become Newton’s gravity and the physical world (the only reality for people living in the stuckness). People in the stuckness are subject to the laws of quantum psychics and have no way of escaping the quantum navigation laws, living like a ship without a captain.

When I stumbled across Quantum Navigation I tried some of the practices I thought might work and in the morning I woke up to a couple thousand dollars more in my bank account. So I invested it in a “real” business “idea” I had and quickly people joined me with an investment and now we are in prelaunch raising 5 million.


BEING ONLINE (with a message, email, and websites)

The BIG MONEY is possible for absolutely everybody.

If one mans top payday is $50  day, he is young.
Or maybe her work is in a third world country.

But he feels his top pay is $100 a day.

If she works with us and learns the ways to
beat the system she will have technology working
for her to increase what she can believably earn.

$100 is low for some people, and not high enough for others.

For a few people, $1,000 is low extra daily income.

Don’t worry we won’t offer $3000 a day to anyone we don’t know and have not already worked with for a couple of years.

Technology must be enslaved or it will enslave you.

Others use Top Pay to do good and make life-changing personal family and community events occur.

How do I get my hands on my OWN top pay day position?

Imagine differently.

What would you be willing to do to earn a dollar?

Not much would you pay to learn what to do to earn a dollar?

If you offered $100 to learn how to earn $1 some think you would lose $99.

But in fact, you repeat what you learned 100 times and then enjoy infinet one dollar earnings for the rest of your life.

There are two kinds of smartass’s online. The ones who accept their own excuses as valid reasons. And those who outsmart themselves by not following a duplicatable working program. Both smartass types only have to be able to humble themselves completely sit down and STFU while every brain cell focuses on experiencing the art of following instructions and keeping the timing of steps.

Enroll Today (maybe receive and international phone call) and stick to it, calmly.

You are going to party; later.

Don’t think about your future money all the time.

But think about it some of your time.

Think about it for about one casual day per week or you risk becoming obsessive and then make poor financial decisions. Money thinking time is a biorhythm. Cycles always outperform obsessions unless you’re a machine.

Planning, account recording, software assisted bill paying, reading investment reviews, taking your inventory, make high yield investments (cancel something like scratch tickets and try HYIP) in and out like everything should be. Use the education we provide for you.


Know the reason for the emotional connections. Learn why people think and feel differently and how that feeling and those pillars in the knowledge that form your mental opinion on the most mystery of money but damn it, work hard and think. Take it seriously, use mentors, use skill, beat the system, break the glass ceiling. Use the strategic tactics we can provide for you.


You will need more capital/money/income than you think you will.

When you are young with a lot more energy and time to learn, you should learn to earn more. In fact, all out there could be a distraction. When you learn money you only think about it one day a week, but you think about the right things and do the small gradual thinks that make the long-term difference.

Our plans, like yours, will naturally come up short. You see we know every cost just about doubles every ten years so we can tell how they double in 20 then double in 30 then 40 the 50 many don’t want to live the last ten when the whole thing doubles again.

You have more than double your decade, your 10 years, and you cannot do that by selling your 8 hours a day. You’ll be pushed to 16 hours a day to double your income, and then 10 years later they will want 32 hours a day which is impossible. But you can learn the answer to selling your time for money paradox with no time left over. We can proivde the knowledge and the technology.

THINK SLAVES. The technology is creepy because if it is not enslaved to add to your income then it is enslaving you in so many way with no revenge from you. Tech helps you and weakens you and so you take the hit in a trade. It spell checks and grows generation of people who can’t spell like people used to. People used to have the regular mind strength to remember hundreds of phone numbers before smartphones made minds weak and more studiper. That more stupider things was just a little joke here.

The thing is tech is taking and it is doing one other thing. It is distracting you from important personal family and community time, people time, families in the park time, a life worth living well time. Go to the park and seek next gen people tethered to dumbphones missing the fact that the blooms are out and the Suns are shining and the world can be so much better with a tech sabbath every week.

We make money by enslaving software and hardware to work for us as a machine while me my dog and the family kick sand around on the beach down by the park.

I am going to upload a pic here (DRAFT)

Show them your Hotel all bought and paid for by technology. (DAFT) Not yet.

Tell them who you were disabled and couldn’t work for 27 years and that without work and just your knowledge you live in the most expensive city in Canada in the most expensive and beautiful part of it. And yes you may come and have a coffee of walk by the beach after you graduate.

The truth is you will practically “need” top pay all the time just to survive the actual most likely future.

Put the fear of God into yourself

And come to work, work online, work in your home office, work with us.

Beginning your skills training today.

Bring your skills.

Bring your time.

Bring your startup fee.

Make this week the one that started it all.

Be moved forward daily now, contact and get to know your TOP PAY mentor today if possible. DISTRACTION RUINS GOOD PEOPLE’S LIVES AND FUTURE

It always begins with learning,
that becomes paid FOR KNOWING
when you graduate.

Would it make a difference if, $1
in the example above was paid
not once but every day for the rest of the year?

Would it matter that our daily payment plan
could grow from a $1 payout to $10 daily
all year for the rest of the year after “graducation?”

$10 a day (times 365 days) is a few bucks.

It’s $3,650.



Would you drop everything you are doing if you knew
that the same simple $1 to $10 daily pay system is
repeatable with the same activities only the Plan B Program
brings in up to $100 daily pay each and every day?

  • Expenses, 7.50 per week on a 52 week agreement,
    JOIN AND COMPLETE the Find One and Find Another
    marketing plan activator, 2 new subscribers (7 hours to 7 days).
  • When 6 come after you, you have reached POD A or GEN 1 for the rest of the year.
  • You receive daily pay 3 minutes after you login each day, 5 days a week.
  • You also can receive double days and triple daily pay days at random days.
  • The cash register will show your Daily Pay, Your Total Pay To Date, Your Future Attendance Pay.
  • As those 6 reach their GEN 1, a 2 by 2 or a 6 after one in any order, your daily Pay increases.
  • Provide your contribution to the fund and receive your subscription after your one new referral becomes a subscriber.
  • In the future we will allow customers to enroll on a month to month basis, but the company is a startup and in prelaunch. This means risk and reward are higher. Therefore we ask for the full 52 week fee to enroll. This comes to a total of $390.
  • Find one and then another.
  • Qualify for daily pay plan.
  • Once those 2 find one then another, or your own placement, or someone makes a placement for you, or the companies offline placements, they you are moved to a daily pay database. You have one POD or GEN 1 and it is nature. Take 7 equal coins and you will see 6 always wraps around 1.
  • After your POD the rest is predictable, all networks look like rivers from above, roots of a tree, veins in an arm, natural pathways. Here what is different is your POD is your  creation and you can control that. It’s a 2 x 2 in a week and you earn 358 daily pay days. The computer handles it all for everyone’s benefit so you and the company can thrive for a long long time.
  • Receive a POD1 marketing welcome kit with business cards and a digital business phone line.
  • Remember the reason product is not the focus is because recruiting is going on for three industries here and soon the sorting begins into 200 plus Technology investment projects and companies, 57 health industry labs and development, and 176 energy system upgrades and opportunities. There is just no way to go down that road with anyone. We have to walk backwards and look at the applicant first and then guide them to areas where the most likely and suitable top pay position is waiting for them.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: prelaunch is based on per-sales per-select-interest and recruiting training of in house working associates.


If you I had a million dollars could I just to the front of the line? NO, we are here from the beginning and we have spent more than that. Thanks for asking!

  • We have the world in our hands with our membership,
    you will have the world too.
  • As more members come from around the world
    our offer grows bigger and better.
  • Top Pay Position is only available in steps that begin
    today and are easy to repeat each day here after.